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AAAD APK Download – Install third-party apps like Car Stream, AA Stream, and Fermata Auto to get access to YouTube on Android Auto.

Version: 1.4.4 | Size: 9 MB

AAAD stands for Android Auto App Downloader, allowing users to install third-party applications to Android Auto. We are going to show you the easiest way to download AAAD Apk. There is no need to root your computers or Android phone and it is also not necessary to enable the developer option in Android Auto but you can do it to make sure everything works fine. Read the whole article very profoundly and then take action.

AAAD Apk is a freemium application which means that it has free and paid versions. The free version comes with limited accessibility because users can download only one app in a month but when you’ve AAAD Pro Apk installed on your device then you can download unlimited apps for free and there will be no limit to downloading and installing apps.


Watching YouTube videos while driving a car sounds fascinating right? But it can happen with AAAD Apk which is free to download application for Android devices and it can connect with your Android Auto.

This Android Auto App Downloader app has a very simple user interface and the homepage of the app shows some applications which allow you to access YouTube and multimedia services in your car. Using the AAAD app, you can watch your favorite movies while driving and see YouTube videos in your car. In short, the AAAD apk will make your car a complete smartphone with all the entertainment and mirroring applications.

How to Use AAAD Apk and Install Apps in Car

To use AAAD Apk, first, you have to install it and step it up on your Android phone and connect it to your car so that you can install third-party apps in your car’s head unit. We have shared the complete tutorial for downloading and installing AAAD Apk on Android phones. When you have successfully downloaded and installed the AAAD app then open it and you will see many options in the app which are nothing but the apps that you can download in your Android Auto.

Installing apps like AA Stream or Car Stream from AAAD Apk is a really simple and easy process. Follow the given instructions to install apps from AAAD for free.

  • Open AAAD Apk, and Click on any app that you want to download in your Android Auto.
  • Choose the latest version of the app and install it on your Android phone.
  • Open the app and allow all the permissions so that you can use all its features without facing any issues.
  • Connect your phone to your car via USB after installing apps from AAAD Apk.
  • Now, You will see that app icon in the menu of Android Auto in your car.
  • Open the app in your car and you’re good to go!

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Car Stream

Once you open AAAD Apk, the first thing you will see is the Car Stream section on the top of this app which is a YouTube app for cars. Car Stream makes your car able to open YouTube on your car’s screen so that you can watch YouTube videos while driving in your car. To open the car stream, tap on the car stream section and choose the latest version and open the app. Now, connect your Android phone to your car and click on the menu icon in your car’s Android Auto and you will see the car stream application in your car. Open the Car Stream app and you will be able to watch YouTube in your car’s head unit played and controlled directly from the car itself.

Fermata Auto

Fermata Auto is a multipurpose app available in AAAD Apk and you can install Fermata Auto in the same fashion as we have already explained in the previous section of this article. When you open Fermata Auto in your car, you will see many features like you can watch movies or videos that are downloaded in your Android phone directory in your car’s head unit and you can also watch YouTube and get access to an internet browser. The interface of Fermata Auto is very simple and there is no lag or distortion at all.

AA Mirror

AAAD Apk offers the AA Mirror app which allows users to easily mirror the Android phone screen to the car display. Nowadays, every car has a screen that is capable to do a lot of things but it has very limited features so if you want to make it as functional as your Android phone then download AA Mirror Apk to transform your car display into a fully functional Android phone and watch YouTube and social media in your car display unit.

Key Features of AAAD APK

AAAD offers a plethora of remarkable features, and in this section, we will delve into some key highlights of the application.

Easy to Navigate

The user interface of the AAAD App is designed with simplicity, professionalism, and functionality in mind. The design elements are clean and intuitive, ensuring that users can easily access and utilize all the features of this app. When you open the app, you will directly land on the main page from where you can access everything in this app. To use this AAAD, simply tap on any option in this app as per your requirements then choose the version and click on install to get the app on your device.

No Ads

AAAD is a completely ad-free application and all the services available in this app like Car Stream, Fermata Auto, and AA Mirror that you can install on your device and access on your car display also don’t contain any ads which means you can enjoy these services for free without being interrupted by any advertisements.

Various Versions

Whether you install Car Stream, AA Stream, or any other services from this app. You have provided more than one version so that you can easily pick the version that is compatible with your device and pick the latest version to take advantage of all the latest features.

Safe & Secure

When you install any application from a third party or unknown sources, there is some risk to privacy and data security but with AAAD Apk, you don’t need to be worried because it is very safe. Millions of people use this app every day and thousands of new users download this app to add more features to their car and make it even smarter.

Check App Info

If you don’t know the function and use of any app or services offered by AAAD then hold on to the apps and then a pop-up will appear that shows you the functionality and uses of the app. If you think that this app could be helpful to you then download it otherwise avoid it.


Download AAAD APK For Android

App NameAAAD Apk
Size9 MB
System RequirementsAndroid 9.0 or above
Last Update11 June 2024

How to Download AAAD APK For Free

  • First thing first, you must have downloaded the Android Auto app which you can download from Google Play Store.
  • Launch the Android Auto App on your device and tap on the menu icon in the top left corner to open the settings of the app.
  • Scroll down a bit and tap on the developers option multiple times to enable it but if you don’t want to enable it then you can try installing this app without enabling the developer option.
  • Tap on the three-dot icon in the top right corner and click on the developer settings and check the Unknown Sources box.
  • Here, click on the application mode and select a developer.

Now, you are ready to install AAAD Apk on your device so that you will be able to download and install third-party apps in your Android Auto.

Installation Guide for AAAD

How to Install AAAD Apk on Android Device

After completing all the tasks from above, follow the step-by-step tutorial given below to successfully install and setup AAAD Apk:

  • Tap on the download button placed above in this article and download the AAAD Apk file on your phone and install it.
  • Open AAAD Apk on your device and you can install third-party Android apps from the home screen of the AAAD app.
  • Make sure that you grant all the permission to install this app for free.

Make sure you allow all the permissions for a seamless experience without any errors.

How to install Third-Party Apps From AAAD APK

The given steps must be followed in order to install third-party apps in your car using AAAD APK:

Step 1: First thing first, download and install AAAD App from the link we have provided on this website (

Step 2: Open the app and make sure you have allowed all the permissions to make this app work.

Step 3: Simply, click on any app you want to install in AAAD Apk and then choose the app version.

Step 4: Tap on the install button and then click on open.

Step 5: Now, connect your device to your car and you will be able to access the app you have just installed in your car infotainment unit.

AAAD APK Errors and Solution

Problem 1. AAAD APK is not working on my phone.

Solution: It could be possible that AAAD Apk is not compatible with your Android phone. Oppo and Realme devices are not compatible with AAAD Apk and this app also doesn’t work with Android version below 9.0.

Problem 2. AA Stream, Car Stream, Fermata Auto nothing is appearing in my Android Auto.

Solution: Go to the settings of your Android phone >> click on Apps >> select Android Auto >> Click on storage >> clear all the cache/data and then connect Android Auto to your car via USB cable.

Problem 3. AAAD APK is Compatible with my device but still not working.

Solution: Uninstall Android Auto from your device and then install the older version of Android Auto on your phone and then connect it to your car.

Problem 4. Fermata Auto Doesn’t Open in Android Auto.

Solution: Go to the settings of your Android phone and go to the apps and select Fermata Auto then allow all the permissions of the app to make it work.


Download AAAD Pro APK

The free version of AAAD has many limitations like you can only download one app in a month but when you upgrade the free version to AAAD Pro Apk then you will be able to download unlimited apps on your Android Auto for free. AAAD Pro Apk is the paid version app that has everything the same as the free version of this app but you will be able to download the uncountable apps from the premium version.

When you download AAAD Apk on your device then open it and you will see a notice in this app that says ‘You have only one download remaining’ so tap on it and you will see a new page where you can upgrade your free version to paid version by spending €3.5 which you can pay by using PayPal payment method.

Advantages of Using AAAD APK

Whether you want to use YouTube, Social Media or install any third-party apps on your device, AAAD Apk is the best option for you. There are plenty of good sides of this app and some of them are listed below.

  • AAAD App is very straightforward and its user interface is very simple and stable.
  • There are 10 different types of apps available to download for free in AAAD.
  • Hold off the app you want to know about and then you will get a short summary about it to understand its uses and if you like it then you can download it.
  • Download any app from AAAD Apk with one touch and install it directly to your device.
  • This is an absolutely free-to-download app for Android devices and it allows users to download one app for free every 30 days.

Disadvantages of Using AAAD APK

AAAD is a very helpful app for car drivers but there are some negative points that you need to know before downloading and using this app. Let’s have a look at its cons.

  • If you found any errors or issues with this app then there is no official support available in AAAD Apk.
  • The free version of AAAD APK only allows users to install one app in a month which means you have to wait for the next 30 days if you want to install one more app from this app.
  • Sometimes apps installed from AAAD Apk do not open in Android Auto so you have to reinstall those apps.
  • It charges 3.5 euros to get the premium facilities and install unlimited apps.


To download AAAD APK for IOS devices like iPhone, iPad, or iPod Pro, you need AAAD.IPA file because APK is only supported for Android devices so if you want to use it on IOS then you have to search on Google ‘AAAD For IOS’ and then visit any of the sites and then download the IPA file. Now, you can easily install the IPA file on your iPhone simply by tapping on it. Click here for more information…

User Reviews

Kittisak Lim This app is very helpful for every car owner and especially when you go for a long drive! I have watched many videos on social media about this app and finally, I downloaded this app and it worked! Now, I can watch YouTube on my car display and even able to access the internet browser which allows me to search for anything on Google in the car display which is mind-blowing. It shows that the car display is capable enough to work like a smartphone but car companies limit the feature to very little.

Edward James I gladly pay the €3.5 amount to purchase the premium version of the AAAD App. I want to try all the apps available on it and all these apps come with totally different features and user interface. If you have only one purchase then I would like to tell you to download Fermata Auto because it has many options and features like you can access social media, YouTube, watch videos, photos, and files from your phone directly on your car screen. However, all the apps are very unique and worth trying.

Awang Leong I’ve looked for so many solutions to install third-party apps in my car but everything I failed and even if anyhow I find something to download or install third-party apps, it is a very complicated process and recourses consuming which makes it inconvenient. Then, my friend suggested me to download AAAD Apk and it is so amazing. The best part about this app is that it is very simple and easy to connect it and installing third-party apps is just a game of a few clicks.

Samantha Fabroa AAAD App is literally very useful I can’t stop using it to install additional apps in my car infotainment system and add more features to it. Now, I can watch my favorite YouTuber’s video while driving. Although, watching videos while driving is unsafe but at least I can listen to the context of the video I can listen to my favorite music and watch photos on my car screen which is stored on my phone. In short, this app helps users to utilize the car screen properly.


If you are still facing any kind of issues with this app then don’t worry, we have provided comprehensive Troubleshooting Tips on AAAD.

Does AAAD App Work?

Yes, you can download any app in your Android Auto by using AAAD APK on your Android phone.

Is AAAD APK Safe For Car?

The link that we have provided on our website ( is absolutely safe and secure for Android devices.

Is AAAD Apk Legit?

AAAD is a legal application and it stands for Android Auto App Downloader.

How Much is AAAD Pro Apk?

AAAD Pro Apk is the premium version of this app and it cost around €3.5.

Does AAAD APK require root access on my device?

No, you can download AAAD Apk from our website and install it on your Android devices without rooting.

How do I update AAAD APK to the Latest Version?

AAAD Apk is not available on any official app store so you have to bookmark this webpage ( so that you can easily visit this website and download the latest version of this app.

How to Upgrade to the AAAD Pro?

If you want to install more than one app from AAAD Apk then you have to upgrade to the paid version of this app. Click on the ‘0 downloads remaining’ text at the bottom of the screen and select the ‘Go Pro’ option then the payment screen will appear and you can purchase the paid version by Card, Przelewy24, EPS, Giropay, iDEAL, and Bancontact. After filling payment information, click on Pay €3.50 to upgrade to the paid version.


Want to get more features in your Android Auto? Download AAAD Apk following the instructions mentioned above to install third-party apps in your car’s head unit. AAAD Apk has many applications like Car Stream, AA Mirror, Fermata Auto, AA Stream and many more that will add many additional features to your Android Auto and you will be able to watch movies and YouTube through it.

Mentioned above is all about AAAD Apk and we are wrapping up this article with the hope that you have successfully downloaded this app on your device without facing any major issues but if you have any questions to ask us then let us know in the comment section.

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