AAAD For iPhone – Can I Install AAAD On iOS?

AAAD is indeed one of the most popular and trusted App Downloader for Android Auto where you can find the list of all apps that are compatible with your Android Auto. Using AAAD, you can expand the capabilities of your car infotainment system and get the most out of it. AAAD APK works finest on Android devices but a lot of people are looking for “AAAD For iPhone” or AAAD.IPA file.

If you’re an iPhone user and looking to download AAAD on your device in order to take advantage of all its features and get access to the list of the unique Android Auto app collection then unfortunately AAAD is designed to work on Android devices.

AAAD For iPhone

AAAD For iOS (iPhone)

AAAD is not like other apps that you can download from your App Store or Google Play Store. It is not available on any official application store. Therefore, is the official website to download AAAD APK latest version for Android devices. But when it comes to iOS users, this app is not compatible with iPhone devices and it also does not work on Apple CarPlay.

Is it possible to install AAAD on iOS devices without jailbreaking?

Let me answer this straightaway, It is not possible to install AAAD on iOS devices without jailbreaking iPhones. Even if AAAD was available in IPA format, it would be very difficult to sideload the IPA file on iPhone because Apple does not recommend sideloading apps. However, the reality is that AAAD is only available in APK format which makes it impossible to install this app without jailbreaking.

Jailbreaking is not necessarily a good thing for your device because there are a lot of downsides to jailbreaking your device that may including security risks, warranty issues, and performance issues. unc0ver or checkra1n are very common tools that are used for jailbreaking iPhone devices.

Best AAAD Alternatives for iPhone users?

As of now, there is no app like AAAD is available for iOS devices. However, apps like CarBridge and CarTube work very well on Apple CarPlay and expand the features and capabilities of the CarPlay.

CarBridge: Using the CarBridge app, you can mirror your iPhone to the Carscreen and use any app on your car infotainment system. You can also control your iPhone by touching the car screen (Only if your car supports touch functionality).

CarTube: CarTube is a YouTube app for Apple CarPlay that allows users to watch YouTube videos on the car screen. It offers a user-friendly interface and voice command feature that you can use to search for anything on YouTube via voice.

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